Canadian Solar Photovoltaic Modules Activated at Aircraft Spruce + Specialty Co. Distribution Warehouses

Canadian Solar, one of the largest solar companies in the world, announced that its CS6P-M 6" silicon cell modules with high-efficiency properties have been activated in two solar power systems installed at distribution warehouses of Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. These two solar power systems with a capacity of 119 kW each are located in Peachtree, Georgia and Corona, California. These two systems are capable of generating 332,264 kWh at peak capacity per year and helping Aircraft Spruce to cut its annual energy costs by over 65%. The systems also avoid emissions of more than 5,634 tons of carbon dioxide per annum.

U.S. general manager of Canadian Solar, Mike Miskovsky, said the solar energy investments made by Aircraft Spruce underscores its commitment to the environment and its sustainable business practices. Aircraft Spruce will realize substantial financial savings through these solar power installations. Canadian Solar commends Aircraft Spruce for its commitment to renewable energy and is delighted to be providing its high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, Miskovsky said.

The roof-mounted solar system at the Corona warehouse comprises 518 Canadian Solar modules with an estimated generation of 65,812 kW/h at peak capacity per annum. The solar power system at the Peachtree warehouse utilizes 540 solar modules from Canadian Solar. This ballast-mounted solar energy system is estimated to generate 166,452 kW/h per annum at peak capacity. Over the 25-year period of the systems’ life, Aircraft Spruce will realize about 7,117,868 kW/h electrical savings, which is equivalent to removing 936 cars from the road.


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