Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Completes Installation of 62-kW Photovoltaic System at Toyo Suisan Kaisha in Japan

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has completed the installation of a solar photovoltaic system with a total capacity of 62 kW at Kanto Factory owned by Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. in Japan. The solar installation at the plant, which is located in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, represents Toyo Suisan's first solar project and is also the largest photovoltaic system in the city at a business operation.

The solar installation at the company’s biggest instant noodle processing plant in Japan comprises 330 PV solar modules covering an area of 460 square meters. The electricity generated by the solar installation will meet partial electricity needs for the plant’s lighting and air conditioning systems. About 60 MWh of electricity is expected to be generated by the system per annum and it will also curtail emissions of 18.9 tons of carbon dioxide.

Toyo Suisan, the leading company in the Mexican and North American noodle market, manufactures the well-known Maruchan brand. The company has embarked on a green initiative to help fight against climate change. Some of the green measure adopted by the company includes use of natural gas instead of fossil fuels for boilers to save energy, use of inverter-driven equipment at its manufacturing facilities, and planting trees on its factory roofs. The 62-kW solar installation at its Kanto facility is the company’s latest initiative to further reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. New Energy Promotion Council in Japan partly funded the solar installation.

Of the 62-kW solar system, a 51-kW system is installed on the Kanto Factory’s roof and an 11-kW system is installed on the main gate arch. Both the systems comprise inverters supplied by Mitsubishi Electric.


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