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OM Solar Roofing Systems from OM Environmental Planning

The OM solar roofing system from OM Environmental Planning is a passive solar heating system. The system uses solar heated air for heating living space.

OM Solar Roofing Systems

This solar system does not use hot water circulation method to heat the living space. This avoids the possibility of hot water leakage.

The OM solar roofing system comprises panels made of metal and tempered glass without any special features. The solar roofing system simply heats the air that passes under the panels. However, the air temperature varies depending on the climatic conditions of the place where this solar system is installed.

The OM solar roofing system forms a narrow air passage in between the unfinished surface and the finished material of the roof. When this passage is heated up, the air inside it rises up into the external ridge duct. The external air is inducted into the passage through an air inlet. The hot air is then passed into the living space through the air-handling unit. This space heating system, provided by OM Environmental Planning, can switch to different operational modes automatically. It has the ability to switch between daytime and night time modes as well as summer and winter modes, automatically.


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