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Chromagen Solar Collectors from Solene Solar Hot Water Systems

Solene Solar Hot Water Systems offers the Chromagen solar collector that is completely made of copper and is suitable for any type of solar water heating system. This thermal collector has the ability to work consistently in all weather situations. The copper strips of the collector are attached to risers by an ultrasonic welding process. This allows heat transfer between the risers and copper fins.

The absorber plate of the collector features a black chrome coating. An aluminum foil is attached to the collector’s insulation that protects it against outgassing. A black colored polypropylene sheet forms the back plate of the Chromagen solar collector. The front of the collector features a 1/8-inch thick single pane solar glass. The solar glass is tempered to provide optimum strength and patterned to minimize reflection.

The Chromagen solar collector is constructed with an aluminum case that is durable as well as aesthetically designed. The aluminum case features an extruded profile that bolts on to the roof or mounting stand. To provide insulation, a polyurethane foam cast is laid around the side and under the absorber plate. Over the polyurethane foam, a 3/4-inch mineral wool layer is laid to give additional insulation as well as to protect the polyurethane foam. The piping gird of the Chromagen solar collector includes four one-inch M copper tubes, while the tubing grid features 3/8-inch copper risers that are brazed to one-inch copper manifolds.


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