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Guardian 120-64D Solar Hot Water Systems from The Energy Store

The Energy Store supplies a wide range of ren ewable energy products including solar hot water systems. The Guardian 120-64D complete solar hot water system is self-sufficient with intelligent automation. This is an open loop solar thermal system, comprising two solar collectors, each of which measures 4 x 8 feet.

Guardian 120-64D Solar Hot Water Systems

The Guardian 120-64D complete solar water heating system turns on when sufficient sun light and heat is available and turns off when it is not. This operation is controlled by the automatic controller that alerts the pump and automatic check valve when there is sufficient heat energy. After the alert, the pump circulates water from the storage tank through the solar collectors and back to the tank. The water is circulated continuously until there is sufficient solar heat available. Once the heat level goes down, the pump is turned off and the check valve is closed. The capacity of the water storage tank, included with the system, is 120 gallons.

The Guardian 120-64D complete solar hot water system is equipped with a 4500-watt backup heating element. The ‘D’ system of this solar water heating system uses differential control to identify the temperature difference between heated water from the collector and cold water in the storage tank. When the temperature difference is about 5F, the pump is turned off. Other features of this solar thermal system, offered by The Energy Store, include lag bolts, flush mounts for the collector, copper fittings, ball valves, roofing sealant, boiler drains and UV paint insulation.


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