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SS-21 Solar Thermal Collectors from Solar Skies

Solar Skies manufactures different models of solar thermal collectors. The SS-21 solar thermal collector is a glazed flat plate model that is suitable for commercial, residential and industrial applications. It covers a gross area of 20.79 square feet and has a dry weight of 74 pounds. This collector measures 85.25 inches X 32.25 inches in size and has a transparent area of 19.22 square feet.

SS-21 Solar Thermal Collectors

The SS-21 solar thermal collector comprises features such as EPDM grommets, low iron tempered glass, mounting frames with quick lock mechanism, glass gasket, copper absorber, aluminum extruded batten, corner brackets and aluminum backsheet. The low iron tempered glass in the SS-21 solar thermal collector is used as an outer cover. The back and side of the collector from Solar Skies have been insulated using polyisocyanurate. The absorber tube is made of copper, while the absorber plate is made using copper fin. The surface of the absorber has been coated with selective coating.

The SS-21 solar thermal collector from Solar Skies has a glass gasket, which is a UV resistant EPDM channel containing molded corners, for the prevention of water penetration. The lightweight design and anodized aluminum frame imparts strength and durability to this collector model. The mounting frame with quick lock mechanism minimizes installation time and has the capability to withstand wind load conditions of 181 miles per hour. The aluminum extruded batten incorporated in the SS-21 solar thermal collector provides easy accessibility for repair and maintenance.


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