Coach Solar Decorative Lighting Systems from Sepco

Sepco provides a wide range of solar decorative lighting systems. The Coach decorative lighting fixture is available with a customized Solar Electric Power Assembly (SEPA) unit and a controller. The power assembly units are available in different sizes to suit various applications. The size of the power assembly unit can be chosen on the basis of factors such as sunlight availability in an area and power consumption. The Coach decorative lighting contains monocrystalline solar modules that are arranged in a single array. These solar modules are connected to aluminum panel pans using mounting brackets. The other components available with the Coach decorative lighting include a battery storage assembly with control electronics. This battery storage assembly consists of GEL batteries, which are either double sealed or single sealed.

Coach Solar Decorative Lighting System

Aluminum power brackets supplied with this solar decorative lighting from Sepco facilitates installation of lighting fixture on walls or poles. The Coach decorative lighting fixture operates using 12 V DC inverter ballast, which is present as an internal unit. These decorative lighting systems are available with lamps ranging from 5 watts to 42 watts. The Coach decorative lighting fixture utilizes a prismatic lexan refractor in a aluminium housing. This solar lighting system measures 24 inches and 15 inches in length and width respectively.


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