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A2M2-XXX-A Solar Grade Multicrystalline Solar Cells from Solar Power Industries

Solar Power Industries offers a range of photovoltaic solar cells including the A2M2-XXX-A. Besides solar modules, this solar cell can also be used in various applications such as portable fans, powered toys and residential lighting in yards and decks. The company manufactures the solar cell using multicrystalline cell technology.

This solar cell is made of polycrystalline silicon wafer substrates, with two bus configurations. Each solar cell measures 156 x 156mm in length and width, while the average thickness is 220 microns. The A2M2-XXX-A solar grade polycrystalline cell features advanced technology including front surface texturing. Solar Power Industries manufactures this solar cell by using a completely automated manufacturing process. As this solar cell incorporates photovoltaic technology, it is independent of electrical wiring and battery power limitations. Hence, this solar cell becomes self sufficient in energy production. This solar grade photovoltaic cell has shunt resistance measurements that enable it to perform efficiently even during low sunlight conditions.

The A2M2-XXX-A multicrystalline solar cell comes in different electrical performance classes ranging from 2.92 to 3.83 watts. This solar cell has two 20mm silver soldering pads as bus bar in the front and two 3.5mm silver soldering pads as bus bar in the back. The A2M2-XXX-A solar cell with 3.83 watt peak power has open circuit voltage of 0.621 volts and short circuit current of 8.07 amperes.


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