30XHS Deep Cycle Batteries from Trojan Battery Company

Trojan Battery Company supplies a wide range of deep cycle batteries for renewable energy systems. These batteries are suitable for small wind, solar/photovoltaic and micro-hydro applications, and can also be used in harsh weather conditions. They are designed to provide uninterrupted and dependable power.

30XHS Deep Cycle Batteries

The deep cycle batteries, supplied by Trojan Battery Company, are available in 6V to 12V capacities. The 30XHS deep cycle battery is available in a length of 355mm, width of 171mm and height of 256mm, in a weight of up to 30kg. Its 5-hour rate is 105AH and 20-hours rate is 130AH. The deep cycle batteries commonly use different types of terminals. These terminals include: High Profile Terminal, Low Profile Terminal, Automotive Post Terminal, Automotive Post and Stud Terminal, Stud Terminal, Wingnut Terminal, Dual Wingnut Terminal, Universal Terminal and L-Terminal. The 30XHS deep cycle battery has a Wingnut Terminal, Universal Terminal, Automotive Post Terminal and L-Terminal.

The deep cycle batteries have to be stored in cool and dry places. After each period of use, batteries have to be charged fully for uninterrupted power supply because when batteries remain in low state of charge for long periods, their life and capacity is decreased. The deep cycle batteries have to be fully charged every 3 to 6 months. Users have to monitor the specific gravity and battery voltage of the electrolyte frequently to confirm full recharging. These batteries are also available as flooded, wet or gel types.

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