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Helio-Matic HM4000C Solar Pool Heating Controllers Supplied by JED Engineering

JED Engineering supplies components of solar power systems such as solar pool heat controllers. The Helio-Matic HM4000C solar pool heating controller is suitable for both pool and spa solar heating systems. A pool heating controller is essential to control the circulation of water through the solar collectors.

Helio-Matic HM4000C Solar Pool Heating Controllers

The Helio-Matic HM4000C solar pool heating controller circulates water through solar collectors only when heat can be obtained and stops circulating when heat is not sufficient to be picked up. This solar pool heat controller, provided by JED Engineering, also helps in adjusting the pool temperature at a desired level. The HM4000C solar pool heating controller uses the existing circulation pump of the pool to utilize solar heat. This pool heating controller operates in combination with a 12-volt AC valve. This valve enables the filtration pump to circulate water either through or out of the solar collectors. This solar pool heat controller can be used with both 12 and 24 volt valves.

The HM4000C solar pool heating controller features a front panel switch that offers nocturnal pool cooling. During the nocturnal cooling process, the solar collectors provide lower temperature than the water in the pool. This helps to reduce high temperature gained during hotter days, in the pool. Cooling of the pool is obtained by allowing the filtration pump to run early in the morning. The HM4000C solar pool heating controller includes a barrier in the front panel. When this barrier is removed, the user can access the fusing of this controller.

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