Mobile Solar Power Trailers Provided by Independent Power Systems

Independent Power Systems provides mobile solar power trailers that have been specifically designed to provide AC power in remote locations. The unique feature of these trailers is that they have three energy sources that include a gas generator, solar array and wind generator. The mobile solar power trailer can be installed easily and can be operated immediately after two hours of installation. The solar array of this mobile solar power trailer from Independent Power Systems comprises 48 solar panels from Siemens. These Siemens’ solar panels produce a maximum power of 75 watts and are arranged in three layers.

Mobile Solar Power Trailers

The topmost array layer is permanently attached to the solar power trailer, while the side array can be removed as and when required. The top array can be folded when the trailer has to be transported. The removable side array contains four sub arrays that are placed in a rack within the trailer. There are four remote arrays with four panels, each of which are mounted on A-frame legs. These A-frame legs are fixed on the ground.

The mobile solar power trailer provided by Independent Power Systems comprises three wind turbines that have been fixed on the trailer roof. These turbines can be detached from the roof and folded in case of transportation. This mobile solar power trailer has an onboard generator that functions using propane or gasoline. There is a monitoring system available with the trailer that displays the status of the inverter, solar array performance and performance of wind generator.


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