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  • Article - 6 May 2016
    Derived from the two Greek words hydro and ponos, meaning water and labor respectively, hydroponics is defined as a method of growing plants in water.
  • Article - 12 Apr 2016
    From environmental advantages to personal protection against harmful toxins, the use of water filtration systems continue to rise. Contaminants within drinking water, such as disease-causing...
  • Article - 4 Dec 2013
    In recent years, multifunctional portable electronic gadgets have flooded the commercial technology market.
  • Article - 29 Nov 2013
    Deforestation is the loss or removal of a forest or clumps of trees on a very large scale and converting the resulting land for non-forest uses. Deforestation is becoming a global problem with...
  • Article - 19 Mar 2013
    David Droz, Head of the Telecoms division at Urban Green Energy Inc., talks to AZoCleantech about Hybrid Wind and Solar Systems as Renewable Energy Solutions.
  • Article - 19 Feb 2013
    Rob Nolan, Manager, Investment Attraction for the Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada and the Chair of the Ontario Clean Technology Alliance talks AZoCleantech about Smart Grid...
  • Article - 2 Feb 2013
    RJ Lee Group has over three decades of experience in the determination and characterization of foreign particulate matter (FPM) in materials from almost every industry throughout the world.
  • Article - 30 Jan 2013
    Over the years, football kits have changed dramatically. It used to be the requirement that kits were simply safe for the users and they were often fairly monotonous consisting of a long sleeved...
  • Article - 31 Dec 2012
    A roof garden is any type of vegetation established on the roof of a building. Apart from the decorative benefit, roof garden serves the purpose of providing architectural enhancement, temperature...
  • Article - 26 Nov 2012
    With environmental concerns increasing every day, scientists are frantically trying to find various solutions to reduce pollution.