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  • Article - 21 Jan 2020
    Rheology studies how matter flows, usually in its liquid state but also as “soft solids”. The technique has been applied in the last century in fields as diverse as materials science, engineering,...
  • Article - 17 Jan 2020
    A panel consisting of 40 academicians from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, has said that a ban on plastics might seem like promoting a cleaner and greener future, but it could lead the environment...
  • Article - 14 Nov 2019
    High-temperature furnaces (HTFs) typically utilize electrical heating systems, advanced insulation materials, and innovative design to generate temperatures as high as 3000 °C.
  • Article - 15 Oct 2019
    This article will examine the specific characteristics of polymers that have proven to be beneficial for smart surfaces. Researchers have discovered a range of applications that suit the unique and...
  • Article - 15 Oct 2019
    A United States Geological Survey (USGS) conducted by the United States Department of the Interior recently confirmed the presence of multicolored microplastics in rainwater samples.
  • Article - 15 Oct 2019
    3D printing has the potential to be a clean technology, but it is far too soon to claim it is entirely clean. From a consumer point of view, 3D printing represents a future reduction in manufacturing...
  • Article - 15 Oct 2019
    In this article will look at how photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into energy, i.e. electricity.
  • Article - 1 Oct 2019
    Perovskite solar cell can degrade after aging and heating, so there is a need to identify the heat-induced degradation pathways for the devices.
  • Article - 4 Sep 2019
    Bordering the North Sea between Belgium and Germany, there is a delicate balance between land and sea in the Netherlands, with around half of the country lying below sea level.
  • Article - 27 Aug 2019
    Nanotech is a leading example of the disruptive technologies used to combat the alarming rate of global climate change.