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  • Article - 2 Jun 2016
    The spread of solar cell farms - power plants fueled by the sun and typically found where the sun is plentiful and land is cheap - are evidence of the ever-evolving solar technology. Two forms...
  • Article - 6 May 2016
    Derived from the two Greek words hydro and ponos, meaning water and labor respectively, hydroponics is defined as a method of growing plants in water.
  • Article - 11 Apr 2016
    Traditional agriculture methods are typically based on treating acres of soil and plants with products including chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other synthetic solutions. While...
  • Article - 2 Jul 2015
    In this interview, Paul Gilna and Kevin Wenger speak to AZoCleantech about a new biofuel developed from non-food plant matter called C5 FUEL™.
  • Article - 29 Jun 2015
    Formally known as the Republic of Korea, modern South Korea was formed as a consequence of the agreements between the Soviet Union and the United States after World War II.
  • Article - 30 Aug 2012
    Mobile phones are everywhere and many people cannot conduct their day-to-day business without them. 205 million people in the USA alone use a cell phone. Millions of mobile phones are thrown away...
  • Article - 31 Jul 2012
    Though these machines have been implemented in Europe since the 1970’s, they are still seen as a new phenomenon. This article aims to explain how to use a reverse vending machine, where to find one,...
  • Article - 18 Jul 2012
    In this ‘5 of the best’ article, AZoCleantech looks at the labels and shops that are going the extra mile to make sustainability chic.
  • Article - 11 Aug 2009
    We've all now heard the warnings that potentially dangerous chemicals can leach from plastic containers into food and drink but what are these chemicals, how do they get out of the plastic and what...
  • Article - 7 Apr 2009
    The top three main consideration to keep in mind when precycling are to, buy long lasting items, avoid excess packaging and reuse as much as you can. This article gives tips for precycling in the...