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  • Article - 27 Nov 2013
    Sustainability is a way of living keeping in mind the impact on the future and respecting the present.
  • Article - 12 Nov 2013
    Recent estimates suggest that around 3 billion people across the world rely on open fires or primary cook stoves that are fueled by solid biomass or coal.
  • News - 24 Jan 2008
    The European Commission has today agreed on a far-reaching package of proposals that will deliver the European Council's commitments to fight climate change and promote renewable energy. The...
  • News - 24 Jan 2008
    In a speech to more than 7,000 managers at the annual kick-off meeting for its U.S. stores, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. president and CEO Lee Scott today said the company would continue to demonstrate...
  • News - 24 Jan 2008
    Sustainability solutions experts BioRegional announced this week that they will partner with B&Q for the next three years to help the company become a world leading One Planet Living(r) business....
  • News - 17 Jan 2008
    Scientific studies on climate change, energy and alternative fuels are among the 30 projects awarded more than 145 million processing hours on supercomputers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory through...
  • Article - 29 Dec 2012
    Biofuels are liquid fuels derived from biological materials like vegetable oils, corn or sugar cane.
  • News - 6 Jan 2008
    A mirror alignment measurement device, invented by Rich Diver, a researcher at Sandia National Laboratories, may soon make one of the most popular solar collector systems, parabolic troughs, more...
  • Article - 31 Aug 2012
    In this interview, Richard Sang, Director of Government Affairs at Falcon Waterfree Technologies, talks to AZoCleanTech about the environmental benefits of water-free urinals.
  • Article - 10 Jul 2012
    In this interview, Mark Owen, the founder and CEO of Puralytics, talks to AZoCleanTech about the innovative Solarbag, a major step in the world of water purification.