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Solar Power Headphones to Charge Your Smartphone by OnBeat

OnBeat Solar Headphones enable your smartphone to be charged. Image Credit - www.onbeatheadphones.com

Solar energy represents an unlimited source of renewable energy.

Reducing fossil fuels as well as benefiting from cost savings, has seen solar panels appear on houses, in office buildings and on roads, as well as other industries and applications.

Mobile technology is something which is now part of everyday life. Excessive use of a smartphone will always impact on battery life and if not near a source to charge: can become a great annoyance.

OnBeat Solar Headphones also come with Lithium Ion batteries and USB commection for rainy days. Image Credit - www.onbeatheadphones.com

Enter, OnBeat; solar power headphones that can charge a smartphone whilst listening to music, watching video or playing games.

Lightweight, flexible and with custom built ear-pads; the OnBeat headphones get comfort for the consumer right, but the real innovation comes from the solar technology; they consist of a flexible solar cell that is integrated onto the headband which is used to absorb solar energy.

Function, Fashion & Comfort - As well as being solar powered the On Beat headphones have cutom ear pads for comfort. Image Credit - www.onbeatheadphones.com

The solar cell has a surface area of 55cm3 with a charge capability of 0.55W. Energy is stored

within the ear cups and consists of lithium ion batteries.

A contingency for those rainy days is that it can be charged via USB that can be connected via USB.

Currently they can be found on Kickstarter and on their website. They RRP for £119.00 and as well as being an innovative piece of technology they are also made for comfort and look the part.

OnBeat Headphones come consist of a thin flexible solar cell integrated onto the headband Image Credit - www.onbeatheadphones.com

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