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Brussels Sprout Battery Lights up a Christmas Tree

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This year a group of young scientists decided to use Brussels sprouts for a very different purpose and help kids view this vegetable in a whole new light.

The following article looks at a unique Brussels sprouts battery that lights up a Christmas tree on display in Southbank, London.

Brussels Sprout Battery

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair is the UK’s largest science, technology, engineering and math fair for the youth. The invention that is catching everyone’s attention in this year’s Big Bang fair is an 8-foot Christmas tree powered by a large Brussels sprout battery. Scientists along with a design works team headed by Sean Miles created this innovative battery.

The Big Bang Fair brussels sprouts battery

Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineering Fair - Brussels sprouts battery. Video courtesy of The Big Bang Fair.

The battery contains 1,000 sprouts fitted inside five power cells each having 200 Brussels sprouts. Copper and zinc electrodes are embedded inside each Brussels sprout causing the electrodes to chemically react with the acid inside the sprouts and generate a current.

The current is stored in a capacitor and used to power high efficiency LEDs on the Christmas tree. The Brussels sprout battery produces up to 63 volts that can light up the 100 LEDs on the tree.

The scientists also built a display through which they can monitor the voltage and record how much power the battery is producing. The inventors state that the sprout battery is capable of providing power for the LEDs on the tree for a month or as long as the vegetables stay fresh.


Very few people could have imagined in their wildest dreams that one day Brussels sprouts will power LED lights that light up a Christmas tree. This fascinating new invention using the notorious Brussels sprouts will hopefully kindle kids’ interest in the vegetable.

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