Maham Adnan

Maham Adnan

Feature Writer

M.Sc. Advanced Chemical Engineering

Maham first wrote a book about the atmosphere and its properties at the age of 18, which ignited her passion for writing to communicate science to others. Since then, she has written on many topics during university and has enjoyed researching interesting topics.

Excited to learn about sustainability, Maham enjoys writing about new technological and social developments within current fields of science that reduce human impact on the ecosystem.

To explore her interest in chemistry and engineering, Maham studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester and learned about the intricacies of complicated processes that produce all of our everyday items, from snacks to soaps and shampoos. Her most accomplished graduate projects revolve around how current processes that produce fuels may be improved to be more sustainable by reusing and recycling carbon dioxide, and to shed light on how microplastic pollution can be detected in even the most remote bodies of water in the world.

In her spare time, Maham enjoys reading fiction and playing online PC games with her friends.

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