Green Manufacturing: Case Studies in Lean and Sustainability

Green Manufacturing: Case Studies in Lean and Sustainability

No manufacturer can afford to ignore the pressing environmental issues of today. To do so puts both their profit line and their legacy at risk. As part of the Enterprise Excellence Series, this book brings together articles and case studies covering environmental, and energy issues that were previously published in the Association of Manufacturing Excellence’s Target Magazine. It covers both areas of moral responsibility, as well as legal and economic considerations. Chapters are organized in three areas: Protecting the Environment, Using Energy Wisely, and EPA Case Studies, making it easy to track down the information desire.

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  1. Tanveer Ali Sial Tanveer Ali Sial People's Republic of China says:

    I appreciate your good response for all peoples as well as students and also scientists without charge and also help with new technologies clean the environment

  2. Kasumi Ishihara Kasumi Ishihara People's Republic of China says:

    When I think of the tonnes of fuel wasted in building rusty American cars , all the while: the DeLorean, an unrustable stainless steel bodied sports car existed, the Corvette, a fiberglass, unrustable bodied car existed! I shake in anger over the waste, the corporate mismanagement for the sake of sales and share growth. The Aims of Capitalism, Corporatism, are not always congruous with sustainability,environmental concerns, or even the betterment of the situation of the general population, the proletariat, are they?

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