Prof Mark Mascal

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry & Bioenergy Research Group

University of California, Davis
United States
PH: +1 (530) 754 5373
Email: [email protected]


The main theme of our research program is the application of synthetic organic chemistry to the study of molecular assemblies, medicinal chemistry, green chemistry, and fundamental aspects of molecular structure. Current work is focused in six main areas:

  1. the design and synthesis of novel self-organizing molecular systems,
  2. the design and synthesis of topologically interesting organic molecules,
  3. the design and synthesis of novel cyclophane-based host-guest systems,
  4. ab initio modeling of unconventional modes of noncovalent boding,
  5. concise natural product synthesis, and
  6. the chemical conversion of biomass into organic molecules of interest as fuels and value-added products.

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