Solarflo On-Roof Evacuated Tube Collector Module from Baxi

Baxi offers the Solarflo On-roof Evacuated Tube Collector modules for collecting solar energy. The evacuated tube collector modules are available in 20 or 30 number of tubes. The 30 tube module is designed to have a gross energy absorber area of 30 m². The evacuated tube collector model can be installed either vertically or horizontally. This model is offered with a manifold and a set of tubes for arranging over the roof tiles or slate.

Solarflo On-roof Evacuated Tube Collector Module

The performance features of the Solarflo on-roof evacuated tube collector provided by the Baxi includes an aperture area of 3.23 m², a zero loss coefficient of 0.779, a heat loss coefficient a1 of 1.07 W/m²K, and a heat loss co-efficient a2 of 0.0135 W/m²K. The height × width × depth measurement of the evacuated tube collector module is 1996 mm x 2127 mm x 97 mm and weighs 81 kg. The maximum pressure of this module is rated as 8bar and the shutdown temperature is rated as 286 ºC.

The Solarflo on-roof evacuated tube collector module can be installed over a tile pitched roof, a flat type roof or over a building facade. To meet the installation requirements of each such type of roofs this module is provided with installation fixtures such as solar controller, mounting rail and brackets, solar fluid,  30 m flexible stainless steel pipe kit, a-frame, hydraulic pump station, 2 m flexible pipe kit, expansion vessel,  and thermostatic blending valve for cylinder outlet.


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