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Jacobs Wind Systems Model 31-20 Provided by Wind Turbine Industries

Wind Turbine Industries offers the Jacobs wind systems model 31-20. This 20 kW wind turbine system incorporates an offset hypoid gear drive to balance the rotor back thrust formed by the high wind force.

The blade feathering governor utilized in the model automatically responds to the over-speed wind conditions by fledging the blades at the same time. The double folded tail vane incorporated in the wind turbine is spring loaded in each direction to balance strong blows of wind on sides and is utilized to adjust the wind system during light winds.

Jacobs Wind Systems Model 31-20

The Jacob 20 kW provided by Wind Turbine Industries has a rated grid connected output of 240 AC 60 Hz single phase power. The cut in wind speed of this wind turbine is 8 mph and its peak wind output speed is 26 mph. This model incorporates a 3 blade variable pitch rotor with an RPM of 175 and the diameter of the rotor is 31 feet. For transmission an offset hypoid gear drive motor is used. The rotor to alternator ratio of this wind turbine is 6.1:1. This model incorporates a brushless three phase alternator with an outboard exciter with a rating of 25 kVA, 3 phase and 0-180 V. The blades incorporated in this model can sweep an area of 755 sq. ft.

The Jacob 20 kW wind turbine has a free standing three leg tower design constructed utilizing angle iron and available in optional tower heights of 80, 100, and 120 ft. This model incorporates a caliper-disc type brake to stop the rotor when required. For protection this model has a dual fold tail vane type yaw control, a blade actuated governor to arrest over-speed and an offset rotor axis to manage high wind and storm conditions.

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