SunPower Corporation Introduces SunPower Oasis Power Plant

SunPower Corporation, a producer of efficient solar panels, solar cells and solar systems, has introduced the novel SunPower Oasis Power Plant, a modular solar power block which scales from distributed installations of 1 MW to large-sized central station power plants. SunPower Oasis Power Plant offers a cost-effective, fully integrated approach to quickly install solar in utility scale, thereby streamlining the construction and development process.

Each power block of SunPower Oasis Power Plant incorporates the SunPower T0 Tracker with the company’s manufactured system cabling, the Oasis operating system, the Oasis smart inverter and 400-W utility solar panel. The product also has the SunPower advanced Tracker Monitoring and Control System (TMAC) feature which is meant for wirelessly controlling the power plant.

The utility and power plants business group president of SunPower Corporation stated that the SunPower Oasis Power Plant customizes installation speed, long-term reliability, material cost and energy production.

The SunPower Oasis operating system of SunPower Corporation is developed to support the requirements of future grid interconnection for large-scale solar energy plants including power factor control and voltage ride through. It features analytical tools and utility-standard SCADA operation.

Globally, SunPower Corporation has installed over 120 power plants that are ground mounted, which represent over 300 MW of operating energy production.


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