SunPower Introduces SunPower Oasis Power Plant Product in Europe

SunPower Corporation had announced the availability of its SunPower Oasis Power Plant product across Europe during the recently held European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference.

This new product is a completely-integrated, modular solar energy block. The product scales from 1-MW distributed installations up to huge power plants and offers cost-effective ways towards rapidly deploying solar projects in utility-scale.

SunPower Oasis has been engineered in such a way as to optimize available land use. Each power block seamlessly connects the SunPower T0 Tracker with the 425-W solar panel, the Oasis operating system, the Oasis smart inverter and pre-manufactured system cabling of SunPower. Additionally, the new product features the TMAC (Tracker Monitoring and Control System) of SunPower for wirelessly controlling the power plant.

The Oasis operating system of SunPower has been designed for supporting the requirements of future grid interconnections towards solar power plants in large-scale such as power factor control and voltage ride through. SunPower has so far installed in excess of 120 power plants throughout the world.


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