eIQ Energy Installs Parallel Solar Technology for Big O Tires

A novel installation of solar power at Big O Tires uses eIQ Energy’s parallel wiring technology to connect a 50 kW generating system. This installation provides 75% of the electrical needs of the facility.

Several kinds of solar panels were integrated using the Parallel Solar technology for this installation purpose, which comprises CentroSolar’s crystalline silicon panels, Signet Solar’s amorphous silicon (a-Si) panels and First Solar’s cadmium telluride (CdTe) panels. All of the solar panels feed directly into one Satcon 50-kW inverter. Such a heterogeneous approach facilitates array designers to realize the benefits of each technology, thereby allowing the array to function well even under different combinations of sun exposure and temperature.

The Parallel Solar architecture facilitates greater lifetime energy production from the array by means of its Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) features. Unlike conventional series-wired arrays that suffer output loss, Parallel Solar arrays removes mismatches between modules.

Operators of the array at Big O Tires will be able to monitor the array with the help of the Parallux system of eIQ Energy. Apart from viewing the maintenance and operational information, customers of Big O Tires at the Service Center can view real-time data on energy generation.

The array at Big O Tires utilizes the vBoost DC-to-DC converter modules of eIQ Energy to develop a parallel energy bus that functions at a high voltage constantly. The inverter of the system benefits from this stable and predictable power supply.

Source: http://eiqenergy.com/

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