High-Performance Evacuated Flat Plate Collector from Genersys Ireland

Genersys Ireland offers the Genersys 1450 High-Performance evacuated flat plate collector. This vertically mounted type collector does not equip collection pipes and suitable for applications in circulating pumps.

Genersys 1450 High-Performance Evacuated Flat Plate Collector

The Genersys 1450 solar collector incorporates the solar glass in a single piece forged metal casing by utilizing a non-corrosive Al-Mg sheet frame. The incorporated roof piping of this system allows erection of collector panels to adapt to Tichelmann piping system.

The Genersys 1450 evacuated flat plate collector provided by Genersys Ireland has a floor space of 2.03 m©÷ and an absorbing surface of 1.76 m©÷. The linkage dimension of this flat plate collector is 1024 mm x 2040 mm and its thermo wall is designed to accommodate ©ª 4 mm or ©ª 6 mm sensor. The vacuum thermal insulation utilized in this model measures 100 Pa. This collector model incorporates a colloidal nickel-pigmented alumina conversion layer. The solar absorptivity ¥áM1.5 is a minimum of 0.94 and the thermal emissivity ¥å82¥ïC is a maximum of 0.16. The optical efficiency of this collector is 81% and its operating temperature is more than 100¨¬C. The recommended flow of heat transfer fluid is 60 L/h.

The Genersys 1450 High-Performance evacuated flat plate collector is modular constructed for installation convenience and can be easily used for attic conversions. The solar glass utilized in this collector is tested for hailstone resistance in accordance with ISO certification requirements.

Source: http://www.genersys-ireland.com

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