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Kroll Multi-oil Burner from Bioenergy Technology

Bioenergy Technology offers the Kroll multi-oil burner for burning waste oil. The combustion technology utilized in this model is patented and is designed to burn oil types such as animal oil, vegetable oil and other conventional oils.

Kroll Multi-oil Burner

For burning different types of oils the installed air supply provision in the machine is only changed without the need of changing any of the other installed components. The rated heating power of this multi-oil burner is 28–195 kW. The advanced technology incorporated in the burner allows smoke and smell free combustion of the used oil.

The Kroll KG70 multi-oil burner provided by the Bioenergy Technology has a rated boiler efficiency of 69.0 kW and a nominal heating efficiency of 63 kW. The nominal air delivery of this system is 4300 m³/h and the rated air delivery is 5000 m³/h. This burner consumes 5.8 kg/h oil and a power of 1.41 kW. The electrical power supply of this burner is 230 V, 6.6 A. The oil tank capacity of this model is 69 L.

The Kroll KG70 multi-oil burner has a width x depth x height measurement of 840 mm x 790 mm x 1950 mm and weighs 192 kg. The flue gas hose utilized in this model measures 180 mm. The burning chamber of this burner is constructed utilizing stainless steel and for oil supply an integrated or external tank is utilized.


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