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SWT-3.0-101 Direct Drive Wind Turbine from SIEMENS

SIEMENS offers the SWT-3.0-101 direct drive wind turbine. The generator features a compact design and has fewer moving parts compared to gear wind turbines.

The SWT-3.0-101 model does not use a gear box for controlling the wind turbine; instead a permanent magnet generator is used for more efficient performance. The outer rotor incorporated in this model rotates on the outside of the stator thus enabling the rotor to operate on minute margins to keep the design of the nacelle packed.

SWT-3.0-101 Direct Drive Wind Turbine

The SWT-3.0-101 wind turbine incorporates a rotor with a diameter of 101 m and functions utilizing a patented IntegralBlade technology. The single piece blades weigh 10.3 t. Each blade of the rotor is made of fibre glass reinforced epoxy resin with glue less joints to withstand tough weather conditions. The blades measure 49 m in length and offer a swept area of 8000 m². The tower utilized in this model is 80–100 m tall and weighs 162 t. The rated annual output of the wind turbine at 8 m/s is 11,600 mWh.

The plug and play type of components installed within the nacelle weighing 73 t, can be reached easily and the components can be replaced without complicating other installed components. The direct drive wind turbine provided by SIEMENS deploys a top-mounted passive cooling system to pick up the energy efficiency and a dual cooling system to cool the generator evenly. This wind turbine meets IEC 61400-24 Lightning Protection standards.


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