BP Solar SX 3200 Photovoltaic Module Offered by Adobe Solar

Adobe Solar offers the SX 3200 200 W photovoltaic module manufactured by BP Solar. This PV module utilizes silicon nitride multicrystalline silicon cells with a rated power efficiency of 200 W, a power tolerance of ±9%, and a nominal voltage of 16 V.

The cells are pasted over a high transmission 3 mm tempered glass and EVA encapsulated. The solar cells are installed in a bronze colored aluminum anodized frame and provided with suitable output cables and polarized multi-contact. This PV module is offered in two models such as SX 3200 and SX 3195.

BP Solar SX 3200 Photovoltaic Module

The electrical characteristics of SX 3200 model includes a maximum power of 200 W, a maximum power voltage of 24.5 V, a maximum current of 8.16 A, a warranted minimum power of 182.0 W, a short circuit current of 8.7 A, and an open circuit voltage of 30.8 V. The rated temperature coefficient of Isc is 0.065 ± 0.015%/°C, temperature coefficient of Voc is - (111 ± 10) mV/°C and the temperature coefficient of power is -(0.5±0.05)%/°C. The NOCT of this module is 47 ± 2°C. The minimum series fuse rating of this module is 15 A and the maximum system voltage is 600 V.

The length x width x depth measurement of the BP Solar  SX 3200 200 W photovoltaic module provided by Adobe Solar is 1680 mm x 837 mm x 50 mm and weighs 15.4 kg. This module incorporates 50 solar cells of size of 156mm x 156mm in a 5 x 10 embedded series.

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