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Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine from Innergy Power Corporation

Innergy Power Corporation offers Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine 12 and 24 V models. The microprocessor technology utilized in the wind turbine offers improved performance, increased battery charging potential, and working consistency. Also, the controller reduces the flutter noise of the wind turbine.

The peak power wind tracking feature available in the controller optimizes the alternator’s output for increased energy delivery to the battery. The controller incorporated in the turbine controls the blade rotation speed and eliminates the associated buzzing noise.

Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine

The circuit monitors installed in the wind turbine regularly checks the wind speed and automatically slows down the speed of the blades when the speed crosses optimal output-level speed thus stopping the turbine from going into flutter. This blade slowing activity allows the turbine to continue producing power at a cut down level and allows the wind turbine to resume increased power production when the wind speed reaches the optimum output level. The charge controller installed in the Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine model offered by Innergy Power Corporation stops charging at regular intervals, checks the battery voltage with the installed voltage settings and stops the current flow to prevent overcharging of the battery.

The Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine incorporates durable composite blades and aircraft quality aluminum alloy castings. The wind turbine has only two moving parts and is almost maintenance free. This model integrates an exclusive brush-less neodymium cubic curve alternator. The startup wind speed of this wind turbine is 6 mph, and offers a maximum output at 28 mph. The diameter of the rotor is 46 in. and weighs 13 lbs.


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