HTCB22M Grid Connected Mono-crystalline PV Module from Helios Technology

Helios Technology offers the HTCB22M grid connected mono-crystalline photovoltaic module. The cells used in the module are manufactured using a fully automated production process. The output power of the module reaches a maximum of 235 W with a tolerance level of ±2%. Each module contains 36 mono-crystalline silicon cells measuring 62.5 mm x 62.5 mm.

The HTCB22M grid connected mono-crystalline photovoltaic module is installed in an aluminum anodized frame with four numbers of slotted holes for easy quicker installation. The junction box incorporated in the module is water proofed to meet IP65 requirements.

HTCB22M Grid Connected Mono-crystalline PV Module

The length x width x thickness of the HTCB22M grid-connected mono-crystalline photovoltaic module is 650 mm x 292 mm x 35 mm and weighs 3 kg. This solar module offers a Pmax of 22 Wp, a Vpmax of 18.00 V, an Ipmax of 1.23 A, a Voc of 22.50 V, an Isc of  1.30 A and a maximum system voltage of 700 V. This solar module utilizes MC-4 compatible fast connectors and 650 mm cables to connect and work with any type connectivity arrangement.

This module incorporates a 3.2 mm low Fe content glass at the front, a TPT back sheet and an EVA type of encapsulation. The maximum surface load bearable by the HTCB22M module offered by Helios Technology is 2400 N/m2 and it operates in the temperature range of -40 to +85°C. The impact resistance of this module is 25 mm at 83 km/h.


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