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Southwest Windpower Air X Wind Turbine from Wise Power Systems

Wise Power Systems offers the Air X wind turbine manufactured by Southwest Windpower. This small sized battery charging wind turbine is suitable for use in remotely located homes, and for using applications in places not connected by power grid.

The Air X wind turbine includes a microprocessor based smart internal regulator controller for optimum battery charging, improved reliability, and increased level of performance. The controller permits peak power tracking to boost the output of alternators for efficient energy generation and delivery to the storage batteries. This wind turbine can charge all type of batteries in 25–25,000 Ah range.

Southwest Windpower Air X wind turbine

The safety features incorporated in the wind turbine stops the wind turbine operations when the batteries are fully charged and allows resumption of operation only when the battery charge is reduced to a preset voltage point. The rotor of the Air X wind turbine offered by Wise Power Systems measures 1.15 m in diameter and weighs 5.85 kg. The three blades utilized in the wind turbine are made of carbon fiber composite material. The body of wind turbine is constructed utilizing aircraft quality aluminum alloy castings and painted with powder coat paint for protection against corrosion. This wind turbine incorporates an exclusive Brush-less neodymium cubic curve alternator.

The Air X wind turbine is mounted over a 1.5 in. schedule 40 pipe. The startup wind speed of this turbine is 3.58 m/s, and its survival wind speed is 49.2 m/s. This wind turbine reaches its maximum output power of 400 W at 12.5 m/s wind speed. This wind turbine produces a maximum of 38 kWh/mo at 5.4 m/s. To protect the wind turbine from over speed an electronic torque control is incorporated.

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