Sunrise GBL1250 20 W Solar Attic Fan from EcoDirect

EcoDirect offers the Sunrise GBL1250, 20 W Solar Attic Fan. This gable vent fan can be mounted at the back of accessible louvers on the inside portion of the attic and cannot be installed without louvers.

For increased air flow metal louvers are used. For the purpose of powering the solar attic fan this module is offered with a choice of thin film flexible or crystalline with tempered glass solar panels in 11, 15 and 20 W ranges. The solar panels included in the module are weather proofed, and incorporate an advanced circuitry to harvest sunlight energy even during cloudy and overcast days. The all weather resistant panels are protected to withstand stormy weather and hail storms.

Sunrise GBL1250 20 W Solar Attic Fan

The solar attic fan is kept safe in a UV stabilized ABS plastic molding to a avoid damages due to excessive sun light. The shingled design top easily blends with the roof appearance and offers increased strength and stability. The five blade 12 in. fan with a balanced hub incorporated in the module offers increased air flow and operates noiselessly. To prevent entry of animals and allow maximum air flow this attic model fan incorporates stainless steel screen.

The Sunrise GBL1250, 20 W solar attic fan from the EcoDirect is fixed to the roof by utilizing stainless steel motor brackets and vertical standoffs. The adjustable frame allows flexi mounting options and easy removal for repair or replacement. This fan incorporates a 38 V DC motor with external brushes. Depending on the connected solar power panel this solar attic fan offers airflow to cover areas in the range of 1200, 1600 and 1800 sq.ft.


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