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Winslow Pellet Stove from Lennox Hearth Products

Lennox Hearth Products offers the Winslow pellet stove. This bay window type pellet stove offers good view of the burning fire.

The large 60 lbs hopper installed in the stove can be loaded easily and assures longer burning hours without refueling. The hard wearing welded heat exchanger installed in the pellet stove is durable and allows efficient heat transfer. The smart heat technology used in the stove controls the heating and temperature accurately. The easy to use controls of this pellet stove are kept concealed from view and offers convenient temperature control operations.

Winslow Pellet Stove

The large ash pan incorporated in the stove allows easy ash removal and cleaning. The cast iron burn pot utilized in this stove has inbuilt airburst feature to avoid frequent cleaning and to offers reliable ignition. The auger and blower assembly of this pellet stove are compactly sealed to offer noise free functioning and does not require cleaning and greasing. The Winslow pellet stove offered by Lennox Hearth Products has a heat capacity to cover 900–2000 sq.ft area. By burning approximately 1.8 lbs/h this stove offers a minimum heat output of 15,120 BTU and a maximum of 39,500 BTU heat output is achieved by burning 4.7 lbs/h.

For even spreading of the heat all over the room this stove incorporates a 150 CFM convection blower. This pellet stove offers a heat efficiency of 78% and achieves 1.1g/h EPA emission rate efficiency. The height x width x depth dimension of this stove is 31 in. x 26.25 in. x 23.25 in. and weighs 305 lbs.


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