Isara C He Water–to-Water or Brine–to-Water Heat Pump from France Geothermie

France Geothermie offers the Isara C He water–to-water or brine–to-water heat pump. This split heat pump offers up to 65 ºC heat energy that can be carried to a number of rooms in a building. This heat pump can be easily modified with an existing heating installation such as under floor heating, radiators and fan convectors.

The heat generator of this pump operates with brine water or ground water in the outside collector (evaporator) and high temperature water in the heat source. This heat pump can collect heat in horizontal, vertical or ground water collection methods.

Isara C He Water to Water or Brine to Water Heat Pump

The generator of this pump incorporates scroll type of rotating compressors and functions noiselessly. This heat pump offers up to 5.4 COP utilizing the heat of the collection ground water at 12ºC. The capacity of this water to water heat pump ranges from 13 to 37 kW. The under floor heating system of this heat pump comprises a number of cross-connected polyethylene pipe for water circuit  and copper pipe for heat carrying refrigerant circuit. The heat pipes are laid on an insulator and covered by 5 to 7 cm thick concrete layer. The hydro cabled PEX tubing type of radiators attached to this heat pump are used in places where under floor heating is not possible.

The fan convectors incorporated in the model offer heating, cooling or air conditioning functions while concurrently treating the air sent to the room. This compact system produces up to 5800 W power per heater. The fan convectors come handy for use in places where right type of heat insulation is not possible.

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