United Steelworkers Union to Purchase 50,000 Tons of USA Manufactured Steel

A Texas wind project, partnered by U.S. Renewable Energy Group, commissioned  last October has run into problems owing to the United Steelworkers union objection to the import of wind turbine parts by the Shenyang Power Group an alliance of A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd.

Presently the issue is resolved subsequent to the Chinese partner agreeing to purchase about 50,000 tons steel manufactured by the American steel mills.

Earlier the wind project was criticized, by Charles Schumer and Sherrod Brown Democratic Senators from New York and Ohio, on the ground that the project though, receives federal aid from USA it would increase job opportunities in China instead of in USA, because most of the components required for the wind turbine will be manufactured in China. Sherrod Brown hailed the agreement as an important step and added that it is not a right move to replace the foreign oil dependence of USA with reliance on Chinese manufactured wind turbines.

Leo Gerard, President of the Union, was optimistic about developing an inland product supply chain for the wind energy market and, since it is not practical to produce the 8000 plus parts of a wind turbine in USA, the Chinese companies have chosen a more practical option of purchasing steel. This option will enable the project to qualify for federal aids and protect the company from antidumping allegations. Cappy McGarr, U.S. Renewable Energy Group’s managing partner endorsed the statement of the union workers. He added that the deal will create a number of US jobs and assist the country in achieving clean energy future.

Source: http://www.regfuel.com/

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