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JSH International’s Eco-Friendly Products Aid in Removal of Grease from Waste Water

JSH international, a Mount Laurel, New Jersey-based global bioproducts company, has launched a string of environmental friendly products that eliminate oil lubricant from tainted water stream and allows its reuse for growing plants and grass.

The company has three individual divisions and each division has produced a new eco friendly product by means of a trademarked peat exclusion and consolidation process. The new products replace the currently utilized chemicals in the wastewater and horticulture/agriculture industries and food service with an organic substitute. The divisions that manufacture the three products include Nature’s Wonder- APEX-10, Prodex- BAE and Greenovative Technologies- TSS.

The APEX-10 produced by Nature’s Wonder division enriches the soil quality and helps in the growth of better and stronger plants. The distinct organic liquid formula is slated for use by the Organic Materials Review Institute in organic production and operations established according to USDA National Organic Program standards.

The Prodex manufactured BAE motivates the growth of intricate micro-organisms and upgrades the wastewater treatment process in an eco friendly manner and enhances the production of renewable energy. This product allows the government agencies such as municipalities to save on energy and operating costs.

The TSS from Greenovative Technologies was tested for its efficiency in cracking up fat, oil and grease (FOG) in grease prohibiting devices and pipe connections. The study found that TSS amplified the total microbial cells in the grease trap models by four to five times for increased biological activity in breaking the cells. TSS totally removes FOG from waste water and converts it into a natural byproduct of organic erosion.


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