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SBI Energy Report Paints a Bright Future for Biofuel Industry

SBI Energy, a company known for offering industrial and market research reports, has released a new industrial study report related to global Algae Biofuels Production Technologies.

The report estimates total algae biofuel production at $271 million in 2010 and predicts that it will grow more than $1.6 billion by 2015, representing an annual growth of 43%. The report signifies that currently, the bio-fuel industry is engaged only at the basic level of algae cultivation or algae biofuel manufacturing facility development projects.

The report states that all the current researches of using algae as biofuel and its progress are confined to United States, though some marginal improvements are expected in European and Asian countries shortly, due to their association with algae biofuel industry of the US. The report contends that most of the current investments made in the algae industry have mainly come from venture capitalists and their partners, private companies, calculated partnership with other than biofuel related companies and funding from the government. The report explains that though algae culture is preferred due to its low demand for land requisite, short- term harvesting cycle and quicker growth rate, owing to the inexperience of the industry in large-scale algae farming, biofuels based on algae have not become competitive on par with traditional fuels. However, the report predicts that government aid, educational programs and favorable regulations will change the trend favorably towards the commercialization of algae culture.

According to Shelley Carr, the publisher of SBI Energy, more than a dozen projects will take off, either at the demonstration stage or at the final cultivation stage in USA, Europe and Asia. He added that a number of biofuel production installations and bio-refineries are expected to take place, aimed at producing algae oil-based biofuel or algae raw materials.


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