World's Longest Life, Highest Performance 2-Volt VRLA Battery System

C+D Technologies, Inc., a leading producer and marketer of complete, integrated standby power systems, today announced the release of msEndur(R) II, a Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery that benefits the environment and a company's operational costs by consuming much less power than equivalent 2- volt VRLA batteries during normal day to day float charging.

Through advancement in design and materials technology, C&D's msEndur II sealed lead-acid batteries consume up to 75% less power than ordinary 2-volt VRLA batteries during normal standby operation, a similar saving to that enjoyed when consumers switch from ordinary incandescent light bulbs to compact florescent light bulbs. The electricity savings from msEndur II are more than doubled when taking into account the air cooling requirements in a battery room created by the excessive power consumed by the older technology 2-volt VRLA batteries in the market place today.

As companies around the world focus on reducing their carbon footprint from the power required to route a telephone call or an email, or store data through the use of energy efficient switches and servers, C&D Technologies' engineers have been able to compliment their efforts by providing back up power batteries that consume less electrical power, and to do so in a smaller footprint.

To put the environmental benefits into perspective, if every 2-volt VRLA battery sold in North America over the last year were an msEndur II battery, users would enjoy operational savings from reduced power consumption and reduced cooling costs exceeding $7 million over the design life of the battery. The $7 million of energy consumption that will be avoided would have generated over 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere.

From a performance perspective, C&D's msEndur II technological advances that deliver these environmental savings also provide for greatly increased energy density, up to 7% at telecom rates and over 10% at UPS rates vs. our nearest competitor, making msEndur II the most energy-dense 2-volt VRLA battery for both telecommunications and UPS applications.

This higher power density translates to significant real estate savings in floor space in a data center or communications hub, freeing up valuable space for revenue generating equipment. In a telecommunications application the msEndur II has 5% greater energy density and uses 13% less floor space than the next-best product; these savings are even greater in UPS applications with 12% more energy and 14% less floor space than the nearest competitor. C&D's msEndur II batteries are available in modular seismic modules from 345 to 2185Ah.

"With the announcement of the msEndur II "Green Battery" system, we are very proud to enter a new dialog with our customers, discussing not only the record-breaking life performance and energy density advantages of the product but also a product that can effectively speak to the growing concerns in the world around our environment, global warming, and the cost of energy today," said Dr. Jeffrey Graves, President and CEO of C&D Technologies. Dr. Graves continued, "The msEndur II consumes up to 75% less energy than alternative sealed lead acid batteries, saving our customers significant operational expense, but the resulting reduction in carbon emissions from reduction of both the energy consumed to maintain the battery charge and from reduced cooling expenses benefits everyone on the planet. To top it off, when you consider that 97% of the materials used to manufacture msEndur II can be fully recycled and reused, this product truly sets a new standard for an environmentally friendly back up power source that can save users money in everyday use." Dr. Graves concluded, "As an additional benefit, should the electronic equipment in a users telecom operation or data center be able to handle higher temperatures, users can increase the air conditioning setting to 86 degrees Fahrenheit and save even much more money on their cooling costs -- the msEndur can handle it!"

C&D Technologies' msEndur II VRLA batteries have been tested and certified by Telcordia laboratories to their stringent SR-4228 to a service life in excess of 20 years, this has been achieved by developing a VRLA battery with the low float current and reliability of a flooded battery in a high density low maintenance VRLA battery package. When customers want to switch from flooded batteries to reduce maintenance costs and free up floor space, without compromising life or increasing power consumption, there is only one choice -- C&D's msEndur II.

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