Delta Launches New RenE Solutions for Telecom Customers

Delta Electronics launches Renewable Energy Solutions (RenE) for ensuring a nonstop low-cost green energy flow under Solution E. Solution E brings together telecom power products of Delta with an aim to transform market standards by making a considerable amount of both indirect and direct savings in energy.

A modular power supply concept is featured in RenE solutions that could utilize any mixture of wind turbines, solar power, diesel generators, mains power and fuel cells, leading to reduction in electricity bills by 50% and in payback time too.

According to Krzysztof Puczko, Hybrid Power Systems’ Product Manager, the customers using  RenE solutions would be utilizing only green renewable energy whether they were at any of the remote corners of the globe or in the heart of the city. He also stated that in comparison to the traditional and expensive energy sources, renewable energy sources used either as a hybrid solution or as a stand alone model would reduce the payback time from seven years to two years depending on the site designs. Maintenance also would be easier as nature’s own elements could be easily harnessed for providing a stable energy supply. Even in areas where mains power supply is unavailable or unreliable,  RenE telecom services would ensure that power is available. There would also be a considerable reduction in utility bills.

A regular hybrid installation includes a rectifier, PV arrays, genset and a wind turbine. Delta in either a stand alone model or in combination with other traditional or renewable energy sources could reduce CO2 emission rates drastically and hence is an OPEX-optimized and energy efficient solution. Solution E provides nonstop and continuous power featuring energy saving products created by Delta such as OutD power cooling systems, EnergE rectifiers, site monitoring & control systems, advanced controllers and RenE renewable hybrid system.

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