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GE to Install Steam Turbine Generator at Nippon Paper Industries

GE Oil & Gas is planning to install a steam turbine generator at the Nippon Paper Industries, a new green energy cogeneration plant located at Port Angeles in Washington. This turbine would be powered by the residue obtained from a domestic timber operation and would generate 20 MW power.

Nippon Paper Industries’ Manager, Harold Norlund, remarked that this project has moved forward mainly because of the strong community support, and support from the Department of Commerce, Department for Natural Resources, incentives given by the Federal and State governments for renewable energy from biomass sources and the support offered by the legislators from the Washington State Government. The plant with the advanced steam turbine technology would help to decrease overall air pollution by generating power from biomass materials.

GE Oil & Gas Vice President of turbo machinery, Joe Mastrangelo stated that this project would show how capably the GE steam turbines utilize an assorted fuel mixture, which also includes forestry by-products. This technology could also be applied in sugar mills, marine industry, electric power generation, petrochemical processing plants along with traditional mechanical drive applications in the oil and gas sector.

The steam turbine would be made at the GE Oil & Gas Thermodyn unit in Le Creusot, which is located in France. It would then be shipped to the Port Angeles site in the month of February in 2012. Commercial operations are to begin after some time in the same year. This plant would generate power and steam, which would be put to use in the pulp and paper mill and the surplus electricity would be traded to the local utilities.


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