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Contributing to a Bright Future For Residents in Alaska

Fowler Oil + Gas (Fog) would like to inform Alaska residents about our plans for contributing to your future prosperity and well-being.

Alaska is very dependent on oil revenue at the present so Fog wants to start a new industry in Alaska that can provide an additional source of revenue. This industry is coalbed methane natural gas (Cbm).

Cbm gas is the purest form of natural gas that is considered a "clean" fuel and exists in huge quantities in the coal formations that cover the entire Cook Inlet Basin. It will be extracted using eco-friendly technologies that conform to all of the Borough and State regulations.

There is enough Cbm gas in the Cook Inlet Basin to ensure a future supply for our needs. Fog will sell gas to the utilities at a price that will reduce natural gas and power costs to our residents and businesses. And there will be large amounts left over to export at higher prices as LNG. These export earnings will return to Alaska.

Fog's policy is to pay generous royalties to the owners of mineral rights and also to surface owners. The State, Boroughs and Cities also own land that can generate royalty income.

This new future industry will provide many local jobs through our Alaska First hire policy. These jobs will pay good salaries, with good benefits and participation in a company Profit Sharing Plan.

A solid tax base will be created for State and Local government that will supplement their annual budgets, and contribute significantly to our children's' quality of education.

In summary, Fog is planning to create a new industry for Alaska that produces a clean fuel, is eco-friendly, reduces fuel and power costs, creates local jobs, creates a new tax base and helps to ensure the future prosperity and well-being of all Alaska residents.

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