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Survey Results Clearly Show Environment is a Very Important Issue for Families

Nearly three of every four people recycles cans, paper and plastics at home; nearly two in three people turn out lights when leaving a room and say they are using high efficiency bulbs; and nearly one in three people who drive a conventional car today plan to make their next vehicle a hybrid, all according to a recent online survey of attitudes about the environment on Disney

“The survey results clearly show that the environment is a very important issue for families,” said Emily Smith, Vice-President of the Disney Family Group. “As a result of this, is working to help our guests learn about new and better ways to 'live green.'”

Disney recently launched a new “green living” page to provide parents with access to information on their environmental impact, resources for reducing their environmental impact, and a forum to share “green” tips with other families.

“Our goal with Disney continues to be providing parents with new ways to make small changes to improve their family's daily life. We also encourage parents to come to our site, connect with other parents, and share the ways they make their lives a little greener,” Smith said.

Of the more than 8,000 parents that participated in the Disney online survey, 90 percent indicated that the environment is an important issue to them and their families. The top two reasons that the environment is an important issue for parents: “they are looking out for the future of their children” and “the health of their family.”

In addition to survey findings, the ”green living” page features tips and ideas aimed at helping families go green, including:

  • A “How Green Am I?” quiz and carbon footprint calculator based on calculations from Environmental Defense Fund.
  • Hundreds of easy, “going green” tips and ideas.
  • Tips on the best green products.
  • 50 actions families can take to be eco-friendly.
  • Earth-friendly craft ideas.

Survey Methodology

The results of the survey, underwritten by Disney and conducted by Usability Sciences, are based on responses of more than 8,000 Disney visitors worldwide. Visitors to the website were invited to participate in the survey at a rate of 1:2. The survey was conducted over a period commencing February 22, 2008 and continuing through March 17, 2008. The margin of error is + or - 5%.

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