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Turning Tap Water Into Renewable, All-Natural Cleaner and Sanitizer

With both Spring' housecleaning and Earth Day right around the corner, many people are' re-thinking the idea of using bleaches, concentrated ammonias, degreasers,' and other caustic chemicals to clean their homes. Thanks to a pioneering' company near Niagara Falls, Ontario, now they can do away with such' hazards, thereby cleaning up the environment -- and their homes -- at the' same time.

"With the lotus(R) Sanitizing System there's no chemicals, no fumes, no' toxins and no residue. All that's left is a totally clean, 99.99% germ-free' home," said Steve Hengsperger, president of Tersano, maker of the lotus' countertop appliance. "When it comes to 'green' cleaning solutions, the' lotus(R) system makes the choice crystal clear."

Nature's Super-Sanitizer

The lotus(R) Sanitizing System infuses ordinary tap water with an extra' oxygen atom, creating a natural sanitizer that cleans, removes stains,' sanitizes and deodorizes. The same oxygenation process is in daily use on a' larger scale in places as diverse as SeaWorld, the Tampa Aquarium, in' Olympic-class swimming pools, and in hospitals as a sterilizer for surgical' instruments.

Just fill the lotus(R) appliance's spray bottle, set it on top of the' base unit, and press the button. In two minutes the lotus(R) creates an all' natural super-cleaner that is 50% stronger and 3,000 times faster than' bleach, yet safe enough to use around babies and pets.

"Most home cleaning products try to cover up odors. A lemony scent' doesn't sanitize anything," Hengsperger said. "The smell of clean is NO' odor at all. Water that is super-infused with oxygen -- the kind that comes' from the lotus(R) sanitizing system -- does the work of a cabinet full of' home cleaners. It can not only eliminate hundreds of dollars' worth of' chemical-based cleaners over time, but also keep families healthier and' safer. It's a real step forward for those who care about their health,' their homes as well as the environment."

Since its introduction, Tersano's lotus(R) Sanitizing System has' garnered international attention for its innovative approach to protecting' the environment and the home. It was named a "Best Invention of 2006" by' TIME magazine; Donny Deutch of CNBC's "The Big Idea" gave the lotus system' his "Big Idea of the Month" award. The lotus(R) Sanitizing System is also' registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and uses a' process that has been approved by the FDA and USDA.

Easy, Practical

The lotus(R) Sanitizing System can be used two ways: to super-charge' water for cleaning household surfaces; or as a sanitizer for fruit,' vegetables, meat and other foods. By soaking food in the lotus(R)' sanitizing bowl included with the product, pesticides and other chemical' residues are neutralized and removed far better than simply rinsing under' the faucet. Produce tastes better and stays fresh up to four times longer;' even more, because food lasts longer, less gets thrown away-a real savings' at a time when grocery costs continue to rise.

In addition to cleaning countertops, floors, windows, bathroom' porcelain and more, the lotus(R) Sanitizing System is also ideal for' sanitizing personal and household items like toys, baby bottles, dentures,' and toothbrushes. "Water treated in the lotus(R) system is so safe, if you' or your child happened to drink it there are no emergency procedures to' follow-quite unlike traditional cleaners or other 'green' products,"' Hengsperger stated.

Widely Available

The lotus(TM) Sanitizing System is available at Sur La Table, Linens &' Things, Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Home Hardware, Home Outfitters, Sears,' The Home Depot and Whole Foods Market. For more information, log on to'

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