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Panasonic Announces Establishment of New Malaysian Operation to Benefit Ecology

Panasonic, a developer and manufacturer of electronic products, has planned to establish a new environmental and engineering firm in Malaysia to promote its recycling, purification and energy saving activities.

This represents the company’s progress towards global expansion of its environmental engineering business. Panasonic Eco Solutions Malaysia (PESMY) is the new name of the entity and it will be formed through Panasonic Ecology Systems. Through PESMY, Panasonic will help to minimize its environmental impact in Malaysia and nearby countries and will further develop its business worldwide.

Panasonic Ecology Systems promotes water purification, energy saving and other environmental solutions globally through its operations in Japan. It also offers a custom solution depending on the environment of a country. The new operation will assist Panasonic and other Japanese businesses to establish and operate new factories in Malaysia and decrease their environmental impact.

PESMY will join forces with Panasonic Ecology Systems’ Environmental Systems & Engineering Business Unit and Panasonic Environmental Systems & Engineering to promote various businesses to benefit the ecology. The businesses include the soil decontamination business to disinfect contaminated soil; the painting equipment exhaust purification business to remove exhaust gas from painting equipment; the water and chemical recycling business to deliver and recycle chemicals and water utilized by electronic device manufacturing facilities; and the energy saving support service division to save power by investigating the operation and equipment conditions in factories.


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