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Witches and Wizards Opt for Mid-Drive Electric Cargo Bikes

Broom Sales Down, Pete's eCargo Bike Sales up! After centuries of tradition, Witches and Wizards across the globe are turning in their old brooms for mid-drive electric cargo bikes.

Pete's Mid Drive eCargo. (PRNewsFoto/Pete's Electric Bikes)

A recent poll canvasing witches from Salem to Oxford revealed that attitudes around traditional transportation options are shifting amongst the Witch community. Many Witches cited a desire for greener forms of land based transportation as broom flight comes increasingly under regulatory scrutiny around the world. Survey participants also noted a desire to haul items such as groceries, pets and loved ones while having a little more fun. "Traditional Broom-based conveyance just isn't working anymore", stated one survey participant. Frequent high winds and crowded flight patterns were sited as a downside to using the broom as everyday transportation.

When Aeolous, a witch from Salem was asked if she would miss her broom she said, "I don't think I will miss it at all, a pedal assist eCargo bike is magical. My broom is retired forever. I am also pleased that my eCargo bike has allowed us to turn into a one broom family. It makes me smile every time I ride it."

Want your very own mid-drive eCargo bike? Pete's Electric bikes is offering a special Halloween edition just for Witches. Pete's Electric Bikes a leader in alternative transportation solutions for all communities.

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