Six Dual Fuel Vehicles Demonstrated at Alternative Clean Transportation Expo

Americas Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) and the American Gas Association (AGA) today unveiled the Add Natural Gas campaign involving six dual fuel demonstration vehicles at the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. The six Vehicles demonstrate that technology available now can power a diverse slate of vehicles with abundant, domestic natural gas, without compromising the vehicles’ performance.

The vehicles—a BMW X3, Chrysler 300, Ford Mustang GT, GMC Acadia, Honda CRV, Hyundai Sonata—were converted to run on natural gas and gasoline.

“We are pleased to unveil these vehicles, as they demonstrate what is possible,” said Marty Durbin, President and CEO of ANGA. “We hope to drive a conversation about the benefits of natural gas as a transportation fuel for consumers. We want them to think beyond their city bus, and about how these exciting NGVs can have serious consumer appeal.”

“We believe consumers deserve more choices in the vehicles they drive and the fuel they use to power their vehicles,” Kathryn Clay, Executive Director of the Drive Natural Gas Initiative, the membership-based, collaborative effort of ANGA and AGA. “Natural gas is a clean, abundant, and domestic fuel that allows drivers to reduce their fuel costs without sacrificing style or performance.”

The campaign will also highlight a potential role for natural gas home refueling appliances, which connects to a residential home’s existing natural gas line. These appliances would make natural gas vehicle ownership more convenient and reliable for consumers by improving access to infrastructure.

The vehicles selected for Add Natural Gas represent a broad group of manufacturers. They were purchased from dealerships and then converted by engineering service providers and natural gas up-fitters to run on natural gas. They employ dual-fuel powertrains that can transition seamlessly between gasoline and natural gas, as demanded by driving conditions and fuel levels.

Following their debut at the ACT Expo, the vehicles will be available at various events around the country to raise awareness about this clean fuel technology.

More information on the cars, including spec sheets and other multimedia resources can be found on the web at


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