New Magnetic Propulsion System Suitable for All-Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

UQM Technologies, Inc., a developer of alternative energy technologies, announced today that it has introduced and is taking orders for a new 125 kW (168 horsepower) peak power UQM® proprietary permanent magnet propulsion system. The new propulsion system is suitable for high performance automotive applications including all-electric, plug-in hybrid, and series hybrid vehicles.

The propulsion system has a continuous power rating of 45 kW (60 horsepower), delivers peak torque of 300 N-m (221 ft-lbs) and continuous torque of 160 N-m (118 ft-lbs), and now has the highest peak power density of any of our propulsion systems. With a diameter of only 280 mm (11 inches) and a weight of 41 kg (90 lbs), this motor fits easily in subcompact passenger vehicles. The system also features optimized four-quadrant performance, dynamic torque, speed and voltage control, and system energy efficiency of over 90 percent across substantially its entire performance regime.

“This system allows us to pursue market opportunities for those vehicle platforms that require high peak power but are too small to package our 150 kW system,” said Jon Lutz, Vice President of Technology for UQM Technologies, Inc. “This system is ideally suited to high performance automobiles and capitalizes on the proprietary software and hardware technology that led to the release of our high performance 150 kW system last year. We are pleased to now offer a product family that includes 50 kW, 75 kW, 100 kW, 125 kW, and 150 kW propulsion systems."

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