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Market for Waste Water and Drinking Water in Asian Will Reach $117.3 Billion US in 2015

Several Asian countries like China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam increased their Investments in drinking water, waste water and water treatment in the last 24 month dramatically. The other Asian countries followed. Some countries have too much water and some countries not enough, but all Asian countries together face quality problems. Drinking water is bought at supermarkets by 60 percent of the population since years, but now more and more the water contaminants come back over the daily food and environment. Companies in China will have to close down if the water pollution problem is not solved at a given time. The regulations are there since years but now the government care for the compliance. Result is the water market in industrial segments double within 3 years.

Apans investments in waste water treatment will increase within the next years to secure food from the sea. Contaminated fish and other seafood directed the decision. Drinking water is dangerous in all the countries and high priority for actions and investments. These examples are typical for all Asian countries and show only some of many problems to be solved over the next 15 years. Less than 10 percent of the waste water is treated today.

The market for waste water and drinking water in Asian reached over 50 billion US$ in 2007 and will reach 117.3 $ in 2015. Than still less than 30 percent of the waste water will be treated from 10 percent today and the drinking water still will come from the super markets. Only slowly after 2015 the situation is getting better and partly the water quality increase and contaminations decrease according to a new study from helmut kaiser consultancy. Japan is leading the total markets with about 30 percent today and followed by China with 20 percent. In 2015 Japan will lead with 25 percent and followed by China with 35 percent. But the markets are nearly two times from today. The others are 19 more Asian countries.

Only some years ago it was difficult to earn money in this market but today the profit potential is higher than in Europe with the right portfolio and technology. Therefore the competition from all over the world is already there or coming. 250 companies lead 60 percent of the whole Asian markets. 45 percent is the import still in 2007 but will decrease to less than 30 percent in 2015. To buy innovations and new technologies is the interest of the leading Asian countries and not materials and work. Joint venture and technology transfer is the booming business. Membrane technologies, intelligent sewage plans , water desalination are key technologies and BOT models are the successful business instruments. Water disinfection show the highest growth rates with 16 percent in 2007 and Service with 14 percent.

Water efficiency in many asian countries will need to follow the example of Singapore with 70 percent goal, reuse water from sewage as industry or drinking water, collecting rain water, use water desalination plants and recycle all kinds of water.

There will be a conference on this in July in New York, September in Zurich and October in Beijing for more information:

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