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Converting Glycerin to a Fuel Suitable for Turbine Engines

XcelPlus Global Holdings Inc announces the acquisition of a new alternative energy fuel technology and process that enables glycerin, a byproduct from bio-diesel production, to be converted to a fuel suitable for use in turbine engines.

Gly-Clene (TM), as the new product is called, was developed by Maverick BioFuels as a new alternative energy source. This fuel can be made from any crude glycerol, regardless of the feedstock, including yellow grease.

Gly-Clene has the ability to power up turbine engines for electricity production or any other non-aircraft use associated with turbine engines. Gly-Clene can also be used to heat fluid bed reactors as it also performs well in oil gun furnaces as you can see in a soon to be released video linked on .

With the ever-increasing biodiesel production, the glycerin market grows as well. Subsequently, the fear of another glut has concerned biodiesel manufacturers, scratching their heads looking for a stable way to dispose of this by-product. There is currently enough glycerin produced in the U.S. alone for Gly-Clene to produce 27,000 megawatts of electricity per day or over 8 billion megawatts per year without even adding steam turbines to take advantage of the excess heat produced by the turbines.

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